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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I display your art quilt?

My quilts are usually hung directly on the wall. The quilt has a sleeve on the back that accommodates a rod which you mount to the wall. The design of the sleeve gives you the option of using a simple curtain rod which does not extend beyond the borders of the artwork or using a decorative rod which does. Some quilts are mounted to commercial canvases (see Twisted Satin series) that are painted and hung like conventional paintings.

Does an art quilt need to be framed?

No. However, if it is installed in a public area it can be framed for protection.

How do I clean an art quilt?

All that is needed is an occasional sweep with a lint pick-up roller. If a quilt becomes soiled, have it professionally cleaned. Avoid touching the quilt to prevent soiling.

Will an art quilt fade over time?

Not if it is kept out of direct sunlight. As with paintings, UV window treatment is recommended if the artwork is in direct sunlight.

Are your art quilts fragile?

No. I am conscientious about the construction and craftsmanship of my work. The sturdiness of my quilts is closer to that of commercial moving pads than those quilts that are heirloom bedcovers.

Do you do commissions?

Yes. Contact me for more information.

Do you do commercial installations?

Yes. Contact me for more information.

How long does it take you to make a quilt?

I work on multiple pieces at a time so I don't have an accurate answer. But the time it takes to make an art quilt, like a painting, is measured in weeks rather than days or months.

Where were your mushroom photographs taken?

They were taken on my land on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state using Nikon and Canon digital cameras.

What do your dogs look like?