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Linda Rudin Frizzell

Artist's Statement

This series of paintings I call "The Grammar of Ornament," after the book by the same name by Owen Jones. I've always liked the decorative arts, junk art and temporary art. I'm as influenced by this as I am by my graphic arts background and college fine arts education. I'm inspired by patterns, paisleys, designs in carpets and on buildings, comic strips, body parts, Las Vegas, Kaffee Fassett, Thaneeya McCardle, my father's hand-carved knife handles, Hundertvasser, May Van Millingen, Kate Lewis. I like circles, spirals, curves, amorphous shapes, echo quilting, wheels, suns, fireworks, animal shapes, drop shadows, rick-rack, lace, lightning bolts and most of all, polka dots. My goal with each painting is to give the viewer something really fun to look at.

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